Active carbon filter cell; is typically used for the deodo-rization and chemical-physical adsorption of gaseous pollutants. The design of an active carbon purification system requires: knowledge of the chemical composi-tion of the contaminants, their concentration and thermo-hygrometric conditions of the air to be treated. There are two versions available:MCA-i: version with rechargeable cell; MCA-i models dif-fer based on the CA-i type impregnation used (i = 1-5: see CA sheet).MDA: Medium version with granular agglomeration of activated carbon.

Steel frame and containment nets (MCA-i), polyurethane plastic frame (MDA).

Filtration and deodorisation of the air in civil and indu-strial systems, where the control of gaseous pollutants is required (for example airports, refineries, museums, laboratories, hospitals).

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