Activated carbon cylindrical cartridge filter. It is com-monly used for the deodorization and the chemical-physical adsorption of gaseous pollutants. The design of a purification system with activated carbon requires: the knowledge of the chemical composition of pollutants, the relative concentration and the thermo-hygrometric con-ditions of the air to be treated. The models PCA-1, PCE-1 and PCG-1 differ according to the cartridge diameter, to the thickness of the carbon bed and to activated car-bon type CA-i (i=1-5 see sheet CA) to use.

Galvanised steel supporting plate equipped with holes for the quick cartridge installation (bayonet). Rechargea-ble cylindrical cartridges, with supporting expanded steel meshes and neoprene gasket on the connection edge.

Filtration and deodorization of the air in civil and indu-strial air conditioning systems, where the control of the gaseous pollutants is required (for example airports, re-fineries, museums, laboratories, hospitals).

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